My first full: Week seventeen

Hello sweet, sweet taper time! There were some days I never thought I would make it here but I survived the highest volume weeks and have a slight reprieve leading up to race day.

Since my last update, I’ve tackled two major distances and overcome a hamstring injury that I was trying to downplay while freaking out that it might end my training.

My 18 miler fell on the day of the Back on My Feet Marathon Relay, which I did as a two-person team with a friend also training for the Monumental. Rather than take turns trading off 2.2 mile loops, we got 5 out of the way together before the race started and then ran our 6 respective laps consecutively. She’s speedier than me and I was a little worried that I had gone out too fast.

Once the race started, I let her take off and settled into my pace. With each lap, I ended up maintaining close to what we set out at and I felt really solid through the end. My final average pace ended up being 10:28 which was unreal. I was on a total runner’s high the rest of the day!

A couple days later, we were doing cartwheels in the gym (something I suck at and never do). I felt a pull in my right hamstring during one but it wasn’t immediately painful so I did the workout after that. The next day I knew something was wrong but I was afraid to miss my nine miler. It was horrible, naturally, so I skipped my run the day after that and went to see Sara at Myo-Fit to assess the damage and perform her torture techniques.

I took my 14 miler that Saturday slow and everything was fine. But on my next run, I went out a little faster, felt really good and, like a dumbass, pushed my pace super hard in the last mile. With one tenth of a mile left, I felt the hamstring pull again. This time it was immediately painful and I seriously worried I might have ended my season.

That was the start of my highest volume week. The week leading up to the big 20 miler. The week I didn’t think I could afford to miss any miles. I decided to run the 10 miler (also horrible) but skip the 5 miler to give myself two days of rest before the big 2-0.

Luckily my gamble paid off and my 20 mile run went amazingly well. I was in a really positive place mentally. My leg was cooperating with no major issues. My pacing was smart (11:00 average!). It was a huge confidence boost that I might actually do this thing on November 7. I know those last 6.2 miles can be killer but I’m going to get through them and cross that finish line.

Some stats to date:

  • Weeks completed: 16 of 18
  • Number of runs / total miles: 60 / 388
  • Number of crossfit workouts: 27
  • Most interesting run: I randomly busted out a 9:47 average pace on one of my nine milers. I think that’s the fastest pace I’ve maintained for a longer distance and would have been on track for a half marathon PR (had it been during a race and had I been able to maintain it for four more miles of course).

Seen on my runs

IMG_20151003_105230 IMG_20151012_184917 12140023_925468480836257_7031342217355896960_o 12039096_927200677329704_5331426262325748986_o 12140029_924577997591972_3904448317432583012_o IMG_20151024_123205

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3 thoughts on “My first full: Week seventeen

  1. Hey Melanie –

    I wanted to wish you good luck on Saturday. Hope you’re going to treat yourself to a foot massage on Sunday. Looks like your weather is going to be perfect. Remember to enjoy the day. Look around and remember this day of celebration. All of the hard work is done. Now you just need to finish it off.

    My buddies who were going to do the Monumental pulled out and I had some other things come up so I decided not to do it. I was looking forward to seeing you there. I will look forward to reading about it on your blog.

    Good luck!


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