My first full: Week thirteen

So, a lot has happened since my last training update!

I started a new job earlier this month and it’s been really exciting. But anytime you go through a life change, there’s always a chance it might impact your training. I did miss a run for the first time this season during my first week. It was only a 4 miler which realistically shouldn’t have too much of an effect given how many total miles I’m logging.

I also ran farther than I ever have before (15 miles)…and one upped that distance the next week (16 miles). I was pretty calm heading out for the 15 miler and felt really good. I didn’t know what to expect for the pace but ended up right at 11:00 average, which I was super pumped about.

My 16 miler was a true test of mental endurance, despite churning out an 11:02 average pace for the day. My alarm went off at 6 a.m. and it was thundering and lightning hardcore. I went back to sleep for an hour and it was still raining heavy but seemed like the thunder and lightning had stopped. Out on the Monon, there was no one around, it was pretty dark still and the lightning and thunder came back. Got 2.5 miles out then turned around and came back in feeling defeated.

The thing about running is the only thing really keeping you from doing it is you. Sure, there are legitimate excuses like an injury that will sideline you. But weather is just a mental game you have to conquer. You can run in the cold. You can run in the heat. You can run in the rain. You may even be able to run in lightning and thunder… but I just didn’t feel confident or safe out there. Would a “better” runner have stayed out? Maybe. But a race that was going on downtown that morning got black flagged so I was probably smart to stop.

It also bummed me out because it meant my 16 wouldn’t be continuous. I finished the remaining 11 later in the day (in sunny, clear weather!) but worried it wouldn’t count since I split the miles. One of the goals of these long runs is to get your body used to being out there for an extended time. If that time is split over two runs in one day, is the same effect achieved? I don’t know why I care so much about this when in reality I still ran farther than I’ve ever ran in one day. So I’m saying it counts!

Some stats to date:

  • Weeks completed: 12 of 18
  • Number of runs / total miles: 46 / 260
  • Number of crossfit workouts: 21
  • Most interesting run: While in Louisville for a wedding, my 4 miler took me over the river and through two states via the Big Four Bridge. First time running across a state line!

See on my runs:

IMG_20150902_180101  IMG_20150911_104246IMG_20150916_192806 IMG_20150912_105910 IMG_20150919_170524 IMG_20150926_121649 IMG_20150930_193509

The homestretch(ish)

Two more major long runs stand between me and taper time. This weekend I’ll do 18 miles as part of the Back on My Feet Marathon Relay and two weeks after that will be the epic double double digit 20 miler. My mid-week runs will peak with a 10 miler that same week.

It’s really weird to be spending so much time in double digit distances this past month and not feel super intimated about it. I am tired and hungry a lot. And I do have super sexy chafing blisters on my underboobs and collar bones, along with calluses on my feet. But overall I’m feeling really good and oddly confident that this thing might actually happen. Obviously the 20 miler will be a huge test and give me an idea of what pace I think I can shoot for during the real deal in November.

Follow my journey to my first full! Previous updates: Week oneWeek five, Week nine.


6 thoughts on “My first full: Week thirteen

  1. You are doing an awesome job with the training. Running 9 or 10 miles during the week is something I never could do. Eyes on the prize only a few weeks left till the big show.

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