My first full: Week nine

I spend a lot of time thinking about a spot on Fall Creek Parkway. It’s just before College if you’re headed northeast. There’s nothing really noteworthy there and it certainly doesn’t give pause to the thousands of cars who drive past it every day on their commute. But that spot is always lingering in the back of my mind.

This seemingly inconsequential spot is located in mile seven of the Monumental course and it’s where the full and half marathon split. For the last three years when I reached this spot, I stayed to the left to continue onto 29th Street. I looked to my right and was simultaneously in awe of everyone doing the full while also thinking 19 more miles was just dumb. After the split, I settled in with my people – the half crazy people.

This November, however, I’ll stay to the right. I don’t know what I’ll be thinking when I look to my left. I’ll hope that 19 more miles seems slightly less dumb by then. And I’ll settle in with my new people – the full crazy people.

It’s a little surreal to think about but I’m feeling really good about my training and where I’m at right now physically and mentally. These next two months will be the true test as my long runs start to get extra long. But I’m a big nerd who’s itching for that first run that’s over 13 miles where I’ll step into new territory, literally.

Some stats to date:

  • Weeks completed: 8 of 18
  • Number of runs / total miles: 31 / 150
  • Number of crossfit workouts: 15
  • Most interesting run: Five morning miles with my running pen pal – a customer of ours who was in town for an event we hosted. Runner up: Doing 13 miles as a training run and not for a race. That’s always been the end goal but now it’s just a step along the way.

See on my runs:

20150825_063040IMG_20150808_110326 IMG_20150812_072247IMG_20150822_105750IMG_20150829_102150 (1)

One of these legs is not like the other

After my long run last week, I was feeling a little something in my right calf and ankle. It wasn’t outright pain and it didn’t hurt to walk or run. But something was going on and I didn’t want to risk it developing further. I scheduled an appointment with my girl Sara Hemmick at Myo-Fit.

Sara is a member of my crossfit gym and has a Master’s in Kinesiology. She uses her hands, elbows and various torture tools to dig into your muscles and work out all the kinks. It’s total pain cave, hurts so good stuff and I love it. She’s worked on me a few times (mainly my back) and knows about my whole fitness journey so she can really tailor our sessions.

As she was assessing things, she didn’t find anything wrong but she pointed out that my right leg is longer than my left leg and probably bearing more weight with each step. She did some work on my left hip to loosen it and stretch out that leg. By the end of the appointment, my legs were the same length.

I would highly recommend you check her out if you have any kinks, pain, etc. She is based out of our crossfit gym but you don’t have to be a member or do crossfit to schedule an appointment. I’ll probably see her once more before the race and then potentially the week after depending on how my recovery is going.

Follow my journey to my first full! Previous updates: Week one, Week five.


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