My first full: Week five

“Why are you already training for a race that’s not until November? You’ve got plenty of time!”

I’ve gotten that response from a few people over the last month. If I’ve learned anything from running it’s that you have to put in the time and respect the miles. And 26.2 is a lot of damn miles.IMG_20150706_180051

I’m a month into my training and things are going really well. Having a written training plan definitely helps keep me accountable and on track. I haven’t done it since my first half but a full is new territory so it’s made me feel more comfortable.

This is the most consistently I’ve worked out in a long time and I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going into week five and beyond. My mid-week long-ish run bumps up to 5 miles this week and I have my first double digit run on deck this Saturday.

Some stats to date:

  • Weeks completed: 4 of 18
  • Number of runs / total miles: 15 / 62
  • Number of crossfit workouts: 7
  • Most interesting run: 9 miles on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail in Austin. The views were amazing and I ran almost entirely uninterrupted!


Some thoughts on running versus crossfit

I have some runner friends who hate crossfit, think it’s dumb and will get you injured. I have some crossfit friends who hate running, think it’s dumb and will get you injured. Meanwhile, I fully believe that I am a better crossfitter because I run and I’m a better runner because I crossfit.

Both require you to listen to and know your body. To understand pacing and how much energy to exert in a shorter workout versus a longer one. To go to a mental place that makes you to keep moving when it would be so, so easy to just stop.  

Both disciplines have given me the confidence to know I can always do more than I think I can – run farther, lift heavier, move faster. And both have amazing communities that are super supportive and play a big role in my life.

It is true that you can’t really go ham in both areas. Doing a WOD with heavy squats, a ton of box jumps or other moves that tax your legs will affect your run the next day. In the same way, running 16 miles will impact your effort in a WOD the next day.

Right now my priority is training for the full. That means scaling back in WODs as needed, being okay with not PRing lifts, choosing running over crossfit if my schedule gets crazy, etc. After my race, I’ll work to maintain my running base but probably switch my focus back to crossfit a little more.

Follow my journey to my first full! Previous updates: Week one.


7 thoughts on “My first full: Week five

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