2015 Indy Film Fest Preview

I’ve never understood people who complain about there not being anything to do in Indy or those who compare us to other cities and grumble about things they have that we don’t.

Truth talk: If you’re bored in Indy, you’re doing it wrong.

One of my absolute favorite things in this city is the Indy Film Fest, coming up on July 16 – 25 at the Indiana Museum of Art and IMAX. The organization puts on events throughout the year but these 10 days are some of the best. There are the 100+ films, ranging from comedic shorts to dramatic full-length features. There are the parties (and the after parties). There are the conversations with the filmmakers that give you insight into the creative process. And there are the many shared experiences you’ll be part of as the lights dim in a room full of strangers, all watching the same film but each taking away something different from it.

The list of films selected for this year was released earlier this week. I took a very short, super quick, bookmarked for later scan and here are a few I’m excited about:

  • “Sleeping with Other People” – this film kicks off the festival on opening night. It’s produced by Will Farrell and stars Allison Brie and Jason Sudekis, all of whom I love.
  • “Blood, Sweat and Beer” – as an avid beer drinker (yes, I’m on Untappd) and supporter of local businesses, I’m a big fan of the craft beer scene. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the ups and downs of opening a brewery.
  • “For Grace” – I also have a bit of a fascination with all the things that have to fall into place to make a restaurant simply function, let alone stand out among the competition. This documentary (I promise the festival isn’t all docs) dives into that world and the sacrifices one chef makes to try to become the best.
  • “Love Me Anyway” – the crew behind this film is a regular at the Indy Film Fest. I’ve really enjoyed their previous work and have no doubt this one will keep the streak going.
  • “Somewhere in the Middle” – I’m intrigued by the premise of this one and how it will come together in execution: “…born out of a year-long improvisational process wherein the actors and director mutually crafted a time-fragmented, ensemble drama.”
  • “Wildlike” – this film closes out the festival and looks like an interesting story with scenic Alaska serving as a supporting character.

The exact schedule hasn’t been released yet so be sure to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates. Links will be available to buy tickets in advance (the opening and closing nights will sell out!) or you can purchase at the door. I strongly suggest investing in the all access pass. It’s worth it and I love that it gives you the freedom to take a chance on movies you might have passed on based solely on the summary or trailer if you had a limited number of tickets.

Last year, I provided some pro tips for festival attendees. Those all still ring true but one to add: There’s been some confusion about whether or not you can still bike to the IMA after some recent policy changes. They clarify in this blog post, which I suggest you read before biking over. I live downtown and try to bike to the festival when I can, partly because it’s a beautiful route, but also to help offset the popcorn, beer and hours of sitting.

So there you have it. My entry into the “stop saying Indy is boring and get out and experience all it has to offer” debate. I hope to see you out at the festival next month!

Full disclosure: I have nothing to disclose! While I have been an official blogger for the festival in the past and received an all access pass for it, this post is just me sharing some love for an event I love and hope you will love, too


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