Training update: Carmel half and Crossfit Open

Something weird (but awesome) happened at some point during this training season. My super fast, can’t breath, basically sprinting pace became the average pace for my training runs. And my crazy, no way I can lift that weight became what I use regularly during crossfit workouts.

I’m not exactly sure what to attribute it to. I haven’t really lost any more weight. I was eating really well in January but have fallen off a little since then. I have been trying to scale less in crossfit and push my pace harder on runs, which helps. But it’s also possible I’m just starting to see the long-term benefits of consistently working out for the last three years.

Mother Nature still hates us all
The weather has been so ridiculous that one day when it crept above 50 degrees, I wrote a love letter to a 17-mile stretch of pavement. My total mileage has been low compared to previous halves but my long runs have felt strong. So, I’m not really sure what to expect on race day. I got in my last long run this weekend – 10 miles in the rain and cold. A lot of people said I was crazy but at this point who knows what race day conditions will be. I wanted to prove to myself I’m mentally and physically tough enough to handle it and I refuse to let Mother Nature win.


Chasing goals
In my first half, my goal was just to finish the damn thing (check). The second time around, I wanted to run the whole thing and hopefully finish faster (check, check). For the Carmel half, I have a somewhat ambitious time in mind. It’s an aggressive pace that I’ll have to work for and the last few miles may be painful. I can’t wait to go after it!

Stepping up my watch game
I started running with the Garmin Forerunner 10. There are a lot of GPS watches out there but this one was recommended by a few fellow runners and has the basic features I need at a reasonable price. It’s been helpful to know how far I have left, if I need to pick up the pace, etc. There’s also an auto pause feature that stops your time when you stop moving. That’s great for me since I run downtown and get stopped by lights occasionally.

The watch stores your last seven runs so I make a habit of uploading the data to my computer right away. This is where it gets fun. You can check your splits, elevation on the route and even what the weather conditions were like that day. The more I use it, the more interesting it will be to compare the data.

garmin screenshot 2014 Crossfit Open
This weekend also wrapped up the 2014 Crossfit Open. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do all the movements, but I would be forced to push myself and Rx what I could (no scaling).

  • 14.1 (double unders and snatches): I was worried about not getting past the double unders since I have a hard time stringing them together. And I was worried about the snatch weight. I ended up getting through two full rounds plus some! SCORE: 99.
  • 14.2 (overhead squats and chest to bar pull ups): I can’t do unassisted pull ups so I knew my score wouldn’t be more than 10. But the OHS weight was not far off of my one rep max and it’s one of my worst movements so 10 reps in 3:00 was even questionable. I picked up the bar, got into position and ended up doing all 10 reps unbroken. Boom. SCORE: 10.
  •  14.3 (deadlifts and box jumps): I couldn’t wait to do this workout when it was announced! Deadlifts are one of my strongest moves and I knew I could handle the increasing weight with no problem. This leveled the playing field for me and I was excited to get one of the higher scores in the gym for people at my skill level. I can’t lie, I felt like a badass. SCORE: 105.
  •  14.4 (row, toes to bar, wall balls, power cleans, muscle ups): I can do three of the five movements. Toes to bar is not one of them. I got through the row and had about 10:00 left to go for my first ever toes to bar. I got closer than I ever have a couple times but just couldn’t make it happen. It was incredibly frustrating and I was in a bit of a weird mental place after this one. SCORE: 60.
  •  14.5 (thrusters and bar-facing burpees): We all knew these two movements were going to end up in the final workout but no one could have anticipated the crazy rep scheme. It’s for time so in order to get points you have to finish the workout. The last time I did Fran, I Rx’d the thrusters but that’s only 45 reps versus 84 in this one. I approached it like I did my 10-miler the day before: Don’t go out too fast, maintain a steady pace and don’t stop moving. It was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve done since I started crossfit but I powered through. SCORE: 26:46.

Overall, the Open was a great experience. I ended up being able to do more than I thought I could and it was a huge confidence builder. I got points on the board for each workout and have a baseline for next year as I continue to improve. The Open proved I need to stop doubting myself and I am mentally and physically tougher than I realized.

Did you participate in the Crossfit Open? What was your experience like? Are you training for a spring race and feeling super frustrated with Mother Nature? Do you use a GPS watch while running or do you find it distracting? Share your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Training update: Carmel half and Crossfit Open

  1. Congrats on seeing the results of all of your hard training paying off! I’ve been training this spring as well and I actually think the horrible weather has been beneficial. It’s mentally and physically challenging, but has made me stronger. I also bought the Garmin Forerunner 10 last year and love it. I really only look at it for my mile splits, but it’s really helpful to have a general idea of my pace.

    Also, Go Flyers…what a great end to the season!!!

    • I use the phrase “Train hard, race hard” a lot and this season is definitely proving the value in that. If you train in crazy conditions, you will be ready for whatever race day throws your way.

      I’ve really enjoyed the Garmin so far. I was worried I would stare at it too much while running but I’ve just checked in a few times on each run, mainly toward the end to see how close I am to my goal.

      And that was definitely an exciting run for the Flyers! We had a great time in Indy with the alumni chapter cheering on the team.

      Thanks for commenting!

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