The faster we run, the sooner we can drink beer

This weekend was my first race of 2014: the Shamrock Run. The course was four miles from Monument Circle to Fountain Square and back. It was a little chilly at the start but warmed up quickly and ended up being a beautiful day to race.

My dad ran with me, which was a really cool experience. It was only the second time we’ve ever run together, despite him being one of my inspirations and the person I call after almost every single run. I’ve come a long way since our first run and was able to keep up conversation a little better and push the pace a lot more. We flew through the course and toward the end my dad said he wished the race was longer.   


I was surprised at how chill I was going into this race. Maybe it was the shorter distance. Obviously there’s a lot more pressure for a half marathon. Months of training come down to one day, one chance to race your heart out. I spend way too much time before the half analyzing the course map, strategizing my water and fuel breaks, visualizing the race, etc.

My only real thought with the Shamrock Run was that I wanted to finish under 40 minutes. I knew that was doable based on how my training runs have gone so far this season. And my dad is faster than me so I knew he would help push me along. Our chip time was 37:35, a 9:23 pace, which I was super happy with!

 20140315_103957_4 20140315_103957_6 20140315_105426

What I didn’t factor in is what it would be like running the morning after doing 14.3. I signed up for the Crossfit Open, which is the first round of competition that leads to the Crossfit Games you see broadcast on ESPN. The Open workouts are tough and designed to filter out the best of the best athletes. Each week a different workout is announced and this week’s workout had heavy deadlifts. My legs felt okay on the run but my back did start tightening up during mile three. I wonder if I could have pushed the pace even more without that.

Outside of some crazy crowd weaving at the start, I really enjoyed this race. My dad and I ran fast and had a great time. And the rest of the day was full of “I heart Indy so hard right now” moments as my friends and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the sun.


What race did you have the most fun during? Are you a talker runner like my dad or a huffer puffer shuffler like me? And what’s with the deal with all the St. Patrick’s Day races? There were at least three in Indy on Saturday. 


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