Barbells for Boobs

Admit it: You’re a little over the “turn everything pink during October” craze and wonder how much it’s really doing to impact the fight against breast cancer. Or you wonder how far your donation to breast cancer “research” really goes. I’m in that boat. This is a cause close to my heart but I’m always searching for ways to have more of a direct impact.

I found that opportunity through the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser Crossfit Naptown participated in this month. This event is the crossfit community’s way of coming together to raise funds for Mammograms in Action, which provides mammograms regardless of one’s ability to pay. Every $80 raised funds one mammogram.

Thanks to some amazing family, friends and coworkers, I raised $2,000, or 25 mammograms. The Indianapolis crossfit community as a whole has raised $17,461 to date, or 218 mammograms. Think about that for a second. That’s 218 people who wouldn’t be able to afford a mammogram otherwise. 218 people who will have a better chance at fighting breast cancer, should they be diagnosed with it, because of early detection through a mammogram. 


Our fundraising efforts culminated in an event on Saturday, Oct. 26, in the Old National Centre parking lot. We braved cold temperatures to complete the workout Grace: 30 clean and jerks. The heats were timed but this event wasn’t about competing or being the fastest. It was about coming together as a community to lift up people affected by breast cancer.

Barbells for Boobs marquee

During my 65# scaled heat, I was lifting up three women in particular: my grandmother Janice, high school friend Lauren and coworker Jennie. You can read more about these inspiring survivors on my fundraising page (where you can also conveniently still donate *wink wink*). One woman in my heat was a survivor herself. She spoke after about the importance of doing self-examinations and getting checked out if you feel anything suspicious.  

The event was really special and I would encourage anyone in the Indianapolis crossfit community who didn’t participate to sign up next year. We turned a lot pink on Saturday. But, more importantly, we helped make a direct impact in the fight against breast cancer and that’s something I’m really proud to be part of.

Below are a few pics from the event and you can also watch a video of me doing Grace here. Be sure to check out Crossfit Naptown’s Facebook album from the event too!

20131026_102220 2013102695103120 2013102695103150 20131026_103715  IMG_20131026_103529


3 thoughts on “Barbells for Boobs

  1. Awesome job on meeting your fundraising goal, Melanie! Thanks so much for representing for my aunt, Vicki Thomas!! She was a high school PE teacher and girls basketball coach and would have loved this fitness challenge.

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