Things will be great when you’re downtown

Have you ever had an urge or feeling you couldn’t ignore? I lived in the same apartment for four years but in the last few months I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to move. I saw a vision for my life that wasn’t possible living in the burbs (well, Pike Township). I wanted to be able to walk out my door and just go. Run, bike, walk to anywhere and everywhere. Two weeks ago that vision was realized when I moved downtown and I’ve loved every moment since.


From my new apartment, I can walk and bike to work, my crossfit gym, the grocery store and essentially all of downtown. I’ve ran twice since I’ve been here and it was awesome to be able to just take off, versus having to drive somewhere to run in my old place. The Cultural Trail is right outside my apartment and makes for an easy, safe route. It connects to the Monon in one direction, the Canal in another and goes all over downtown. And the views from the trail reinforce just how much I love this city.

Downtown view     IMG_20130328_174215

This weekend I rode my new bike for the first time. It was a Christmas gift from my parents but has been sitting in suburban jail (aka my mom’s garage) until I moved. My first ride was up the Monon to Freewheelin Bikes to buy re-purposed kitty litter buckets that I can use to store stuff while I ride and to get a rear rack installed. I also tried out biking to work which took all of five minutes. My goal is to be car free as much as possible!

Bike collage

After only two weeks, my new place already feels like home. And at some point Indiana will finally decide to warm up so I can take full advantage of being a short walk/bike ride away from so many fun things to do. As the song goes: things will be great when you’re downtown!


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