Hopeful Half Marathoner: Don’t Play to the Results

Last week, I attended the ExactTarget Connections conference here in Indianapolis. One of the keynote speakers was Michael J. Fox, who was hilarious and moving. He told several stories about his career and his battle with Parkinson’s, all of which he tied into bigger picture life lessons. One of my biggest takeaways was this: Don’t play to the results.

As a self-defined “incurable optimist,” Fox talked about how we often let the anticipated or expected outcome prevent us from going after a goal. We play to the results and stop ourselves from succeeding before we even get a chance to try. This concept really resonated with me, particularly given my self-transformation since January 2011.

No one expects you to lose 80 pounds in a year and a half. No one expects you to keep the weight off. No one expects you to sign up for a half marathon when the farthest you ran at that point was three miles, and even that was a struggle. If I had played to the results, my ass would still be on the couch, overweight and unhappy. My life has completely changed because I broke the status quo and made my own expectations.

Since my last training update, I’ve ran 10 miles twice (once in beautiful Sedona overlooking the red rocks!). I also had a long run in the hills of Asheville this past weekend that was probably my hardest to date – those hills were no joke! Hitting double digits was kind of surreal. And knowing I’m so close to the race distance is even more surreal. The extra miles may seem like a lot, but when you’ve already gone this far, what’s a few more to get you to 13.1? (That last sentence is proof I’ve turned into a full on crazy runner lady.)

Running in the red rocks

I’m heading into my taper so my distances will decrease in this last week. As I count down to November 3, I’m staying positive and focused. I know I’ve got this and I refuse to play to the results.

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