Hopeful Half Marathoner: A Week of Firsts

Today I wrapped up week three of training for the Indy Monumental half marathon. At this point three miles seems like nothing, which is completely insane. I haven’t hit a wall yet, but I can see how after awhile it might be monotonous to get in four runs each week. Finding small things to celebrate will help keep me motivated. This week, for example, I achieved three firsts that I’m excited about.

First time running before work

I’m not a morning person. I’ve never understood waking up before the sun to workout but this Thursday I gave it a shot. Running on fresh legs felt great! When you run after work, you sometimes feel the entire weight of the day on your legs. I don’t know how often I’ll run in the morning but it’s a good option for busy weeks when I have a lot going on in the evening.

First time running with someone else

Running is a very personal thing for me. I get in this mental zone with my iPod rocking and my internal monologue going. The thought of running with other people gives me anxiety. Talking and running is a foreign concept to me. Huffing and puffing is what I know. And there’s the whole pacing issue and wondering if we’ll be on the same page.

Today, I pushed all that aside and ran with my dad. Some background: My dad is a legit runner. He ran a marathon in Hawaii and has run the Mini Marathon so many times I’ve lost track. I was nervous about running with him because he’s a talker and he runs faster than me. Plus I wasn’t sure how not having music would affect me. We ran at Eagle Creek Park, a nice change of pace from the Monon, where we spotted several deer on our route. Dad let me set the pace and was okay when I couldn’t keep up the conversation as much.

It ended up being an awesome experience! I may never become the runner he is but being able to share this with him was great.

The Woods in the woods     All smiles for six miles!

First time running six miles

There is no better feeling than the first steps you take in a mile you’ve never run before. My dad and I did six miles this morning, which is the farthest I’ve gone to date! We maintained a slightly slower pace but kicked into high gear in the last mile to finish strong with a time of 60:11. Moving forward, every long training run will be a new farthest distance but I can go in confident knowing I rocked out six miles today.

Wondering what this whole half marathon thing is about? Catch up on my training update from week one.


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