Hopeful Half Marathoner: Week One

I’m entering a plea of temporary insanity. I recently registered to run the Indy Monumental half marathon on November 3. I would say it was a totally random decision but really it’s the continuation of my weight loss journey, which I’ve openly chronicled here and here.

At this point, I’m about 10 pounds away from my overall goal weight but I’ve been stuck in a plateau. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, I thought about ways to change things up and push myself through it. I’ve been running more recently, including my first ever 5k back in June, so I thought a half marathon would be an exciting new challenge.

Immediately after signing up, I got really nervous and started wondering how the hell I was going to run 13.1 miles. Again, pleading temporary insanity. I started researching training plans and Hal Higdon was recommended by a few people. Looking at his Novice 2 program, I felt less intimated. He’s all about gradually building up your mileage and not pushing yourself too hard too fast. You start out running three miles, which I had done before so I knew I could do it again.

For me, running is almost all mental. Sure, there’s the physical part where you actually have to run. But it’s so easy to get caught up in your thoughts and have that impact your performance. I was determined to start out strong on the training program and not let any doubts creep into my head.

Week one was a huge success! I was able to run the entire distance each time without walking, maintaining a pace between 9:30 – 9:50/mile. I felt more and more confident after each run and by the time my four-mile run came on Saturday, there was no doubt in my mind I could do it.

This is only week one of 12, but I’m feeling really good. I’m excited. I’m confident. My legs are getting stronger with every run. If I can keep up the positivity and not get lost in my thoughts, I really think I can do this.

I don’t think I’ll blog each week, mainly because it will be pretty redundant: I ran, I ran some more and then I ran even more. But talking about my training helps keep me accountable so I’ll check in with updates a few times leading up to the race.

Bring on week two!


9 thoughts on “Hopeful Half Marathoner: Week One

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