Experiencing Indy on Wheels

One of the best parts of Indianapolis is that I’m constantly finding new ways to fall in love with the city.

Last weekend I went on a pub roll, cleverly named “Beer Quest 2012,” with a group of friends. It’s like a bar crawl but you bike from bar to bar instead of walk. Biking and beer might sound like a recipe for disaster but if you pace yourself and drink lots of water, you can end up having an amazing day experiencing the city in a whole new way.

Pub roll group

I go to spin class almost every week but I haven’t spent a significant amount of time on a bike outside since I was a kid so I was a little apprehensive. I was mainly nervous about navigating downtown intersections. As I learned on a previous attempt at a pub roll (which turned into three of us camping out at one bar and not really biking at all), I am not good at starting or stopping. I coined the motto “If we stop, I drop.”

The Beer Quest 2012 route was about 18 miles, starting in Broad Ripple, moving down the Monon Trail to downtown, making our way to Fountain Square via the Cultural Trail and looping back up the Monon to Broad Ripple. The bars we stopped at included:

I absolutely loved the pub roll. I got to visit new breweries I hadn’t been to before. I traveled on streets in the city I had never been on before. I saw views of downtown I had never seen before. I fell in love with the city all over again. And I felt so much better than on other bar crawls because we were actively burning calories biking between bars.

Ladies who love beer      Lewis and Clark

After such an awesome day with my friends, I really want to start biking more (with or without beer as an incentive). I was able to borrow my friend’s bike for the pub roll but I might look into getting my own. There’s a lot of research I need to do, but I’ve pulled together this initial list of resources in the Indianapolis biking community:

Have you experienced Indy on wheels? What’s your favorite part about biking in the city? Any good trails or routes you would recommend?


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