Top Takeaways from Hoosier PRSA Social Media Boot Camp

Waking up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday isn’t normally my idea of fun. This weekend, however, I gave up some of my precious sleep time to attend Hoosier PRSA’s Social Media Boot Camp. Below are some of my top takeaways from the event.

Writing for Humans and Bots: Tools for a Winning SEO Strategy
Shari Finnell and Amanda Coleman from Slingshot SEO did a great job breaking down the basics and providing a ridiculous amount of useful tools. Some highlights:

  • Content is key! It should be fresh, thorough, relevant, authentic, engaging and high quality.
  • Understand what Google deems high quality content by asking yourself these 23 questions.
  • Use Google Trends to see what people click on when searching for a keyword. When appropriate, leave a substantial comment on top stories with a link to your site to boost traffic.
  • When writing for SEO, don’t just include the keyword, which could be generic and have multiple meanings. Think about related terms and incorporate them into the content to help differentiate. It may help to do a Google search using your keyword and scroll to the bottom to see a list of related search terms.
  • You have to write the way people search. For example, they don’t always spell words correctly and that can have a significant impact on whether or not your site comes up in their search. Use Google AdWords to check the number of searches based on alternative spellings of a keyword.
  • Ask partner organizations or others who mention you on their website to make it a link. It’s an easy way boost traffic to your site and your SEO ranking.

Social Media Measurement
I’ve had the chance to work with Taulbee Jackson and the team from Raidious before so I knew his presentation was going to be good. The biggest takeaway (attention all higher ups!) is that social media is measurable. And unlike other forms of media, it can give us direct insight into what action the audience took. For example, you can know that someone saw a tweet about a new product, clicked the link to learn more and then made a purchase.

To measure social media, Taulbee suggested five key metrics:

  1. Reach: How big is your audience and how big is your audience’s audience?
  2. Engagement: Is there interest in your content? (i.e. replies, likes, clicks, etc)
  3. Activity: How often are you publishing content? Avoid audience burn, where you lose followers/likes/subscribers because you post too often.
  4. Amplification: Did anyone find the content so awesome they had to tell someone?
  5. Conversion: Did the content achieve the desired objective?

Taulbee also talked about sentiment analysis (determining if mentions are positive, neutral or negative) and influence analysis (prioritizing social media responses based on how influential the person is). And he gave us an inside scoop on how Raidious is helping with the 2012 Super Bowl social media strategy.

Those are just a few of my top takeaways from each session. Totally worth the early Saturday morning, right?

Did you attend the Social Media Boot Camp? Reply below and share your top takeaways!


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