A few words on Sedona

Whenever I travel (which is not nearly as often as I would like), I like to bring a journal with me to catalog my trip. Some people ask why I waste time writing about what I did instead of going out and exploring, but it just takes 20 minutes or so at the end of each day. Plus I enjoy going back through my journal and reliving the experience when I’m home.

In 2009, I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time (by myself) before going to Phoenix to visit a friend. On the flight from Phoenix to Flagstaff, I was in a smaller plane that flew closer to the ground than most. It was a little scary at first but it provided a great view of the landscape. Our flight took us directly over Sedona and what I saw was so beautiful I had to write a few words about it.

As I fly over Sedona, the red rocks catch my eye.
It’s as if they were kissed by the Sun and remnants of her ruby lipstick remain forever stained.


*Image from TripAdvisor.com


4 thoughts on “A few words on Sedona

  1. Looking forward to reading some of your thoughts on your upcoming trip to North Carolina, if you’re willing to share!

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