So I’m blogging now

I have a lot of friends who are on Facebook but not Twitter. When I ask why, the response is usually the same: “I have nothing interesting to say.” I felt the same way about blogging. I wondered what I would write about, if anyone would read it and if they would even care what I had to say.

Over the last year, I’ve gotten more involved in the social media community in Indy, particularly on Twitter. I’ve built up my network not just by following more people, but by engaging in the conversations taking place. I follow a lot of fellow communication pros in Indy who often tweet about social media strategies, PR best practices and more. In participating in these various discussions, I realized that I had strong opinions of my own, often more than could fit in 140 characters. I also work on some interesting projects but don’t have a space to talk about them.

Thanks to a push from Jeremy Williams at, I started brainstorming ideas for my blog. Less than 10 minutes later, I had 16 ideas for potential post topics and I couldn’t wait to start writing.

So I’m blogging now. I’m not going to claim to be an “expert” at anything – unless you count buying more art than I have wall space for, because I’m totally an expert at that. Instead, I will simply offer my thoughts on a mix of personal and professional topics. I hope you’ll find what I say at least somewhat interesting and join in the conversation!


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